Environmental Racism

Trump's budget is especially concerning when his plans call for gutting the very few regulations that keep industry from completely eviscerating the environment we live in.  The link between consistent organic pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides or environmental toxins and human health is well known.

Unfortunately with current constructs of American society, industry is not held accountable for remediating all of the pollution that is constantly dumped in society and amongst us.  So due to socioeconomic structure, the poorer citizens in society bear the brunt of these environmental toxins.  Proximity to highways is shown to cause elevated levels of asthma in children, or the criminal activity that caused the Flint Water Crisis, the theme is always the same.  Less regulation and more profit for industry, while the rest of us suffer, but predominantly the poor.  

Sidney Fussel from Gizmodo provides an excellent writeup on how Trumps policies on the environment and climate will disproportionately affect the poor and people of color.