#Resist #Trump and March for Science this Earth Day April 22nd

Yesterday's Congressional Hearing on Climate Change was an absolute and complete embarrassment.  To quote Representative Bill Foster, "This is a very strange mixture of science and... not." 

Without a doubt the strangest moment came when Roger Pielke Republican witness stated "Scientific uncertainty is not going to be eliminated on this topic before we have to act."  The mental gymnastics these people must go through to defy logic must be exhausting.  I only wish the Republicans were honest enough to admit that the only reason they are questioning climate change is the money they get from the fossil fuel industry.  If you want to watch the two plus hours of mind numbing insanity, the video is below. Grab your popcorn.

On a more positive note, you can get involved and make a difference.  You can let your voice be heard, your presence felt, and let those in power who deny climate change is an anthropogenic phenomenon feel your presence.  

Join the March for Science in your local area, and stand with other concerned citizens who stand for science, logic, and building a better and more sustainable future.  

This is one of the more effective uses of your time this year on Earth Day.  So be sure to participate, and spread the word about Marching for Science this April 22nd.  Search the website for locations close to you to get involved.