Below find helpful links to online climate change related Resources.

Truth in 10 - Climate Reality Project Presentation from Al Gore

BPS Summer Institute Presentation

Understanding Climate Change

Bloomberg Graphic - What is Really Warming the World

Are we permanently above 400ppm of CO2?

NOAA - US Climate Resiliency Toolkit

How to Stop Climate Change

Greenhouse Gases and the Atmosphere

Review of Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

History of Global Warming in 35 Seconds

How Fossil Fuel Money made Climate Denial the Word of God

Scientific Research

NOAA "State of the Climate"

NASA - Vital Signs of the Planet

NOAA - Climate Explorer

NOAA - Climate Data

Global Wind, Temperature, Precipitation Maps

Climate Change News

NASA - Global Climate Change

Climate News Network

Science Daily - Climate Change

Inside Climate News

Climate Central

Climate Change in Boston

Massachusetts Faces Chronic Inundation

NOAA - Sea Level Trends in Boston and Massachusetts

The negative health effects of Urban Heat Islands in Boston

Sea Level Rise in Boston

Interactive Map of Sea Level Rise in Boston

Erosion on Cape Cod due to Climate Change

What the US will look like when our children grow old.

Examples of a Changing World

Water Use on Crops

Mitigating Global Warming

Algae Blooms and Climate Change

Climate Change Concerns Across the US

Sea Level Rise in Florida

US Cities underwater in the future

Skeptical Science - Global Warming is Increasing the Risk of Heatwaves

Climate Change Education

NASA Climate Change Educator Resources

National Center for Science Education

NYTimes Article - "Science Teachers' Grasp of Climate Change Found Lacking"