Poetry and Science

Even though Nature is a well accomplished artist, it is well within reason to say that the analytical nature of science is somewhat juxtaposed to the creativity necessary to create good art.  I have always been a student of science, and learned to think critically about my observations, search for patterns in data, and connect new ideas to critical laws of nature.  However, not for one minute of my life have I been artistic.  My drawings are glorified stick figures and chicken scratches, my poetry and lyrics read like a grocery list, and my type of painting is done on walls, in one color.

When I started the climate curriculum project my interactions with people about climate change either came within the walls of my classroom, or on my computer during heated debates online with climate deniers.  I never anticipated the amazing connections I would make with people online who care deeply about our planet, each other, and the future.  I have met some of these genuinely caring people at climate marches, at teacher workshops, and through requests to discuss potential projects in person.  

S - Study of
C - Creation through
I - Intuition, intellect, inquiry, invention
E - Emerging experimentation leading to
N - New
C - Creative
E- Engineering

By happenstance of online communication I have befriended a tremendous artists, who helps fulfill the mental blindspot I have with art.  Her name is Elaine and can be found on twitter at @EarthJourneyUK.  Elaine has been kind enough to share with me some of her poetry which I believe captures the essence of emotions about nature, science, the world around us and humanity in general.  

I have posted some of Elaine's work around my classroom and will be sharing her poetry with you occasionally here online.

Thank you Elaine for using poetry and art to convey the feelings that nature inspires us with.