The Lessons

These K-12 science education lessons, broken down into elementary, middle, and high school sections, serve to enlighten students about how our planet is affected both locally and globally. The lessons were developedwere refined by a collaboration with Boston Public School Science teachers and Boston Public School students part of the Boston Student Advisory Council and Youth on Board.

For Teachers

Our teacher page provides resources on lesson planning, a place to leave feedback on lessons, and space for teachers to contribute their own, interdisciplinary lessons. We refined and vetted science lessons on climate change that meet the MA science standards, but we want to hear how teachers are integrating essential concepts from climate change in non-STEM classes and spaces.

For Students

Young people are learning about climate change from a variety of sources-- or not-- but those sources aren't always reliable. This is our planet and our future, so we need to be equipped to make decisions that will affect the planet for generations to come. Use the student page to get tips on how to advocate for education on climate change, things you can do to mitigate climate change at home and at school, and connect with others

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